Gel Eyes 2010

The beauty is in the detail ...
Thirty years of photography have shown me that the closer you look at nature a colorful world of abstract design and patterns captures our fascination. Whether the subject be a sea shell, a rock, leaf, fruit or feather; magical images appear even in the most mundane object.

Using new digital photography, scanning and printing techniques, I have been able to capture and magnify these images of nature with wonderful clarity and very large prints. My new Up Close series of work also marks the expanded creativity of printing on different media such as canvas for a hand-painted appearance, or on silk for the added depth of transparent illumination.

About the artist
Kirk Norlin has been involved with professional
photography and corporate communications since
receiving a degree in Journalism from the University of Colorado in Boulder. While in Boulder, Kirk co-founded Phlogiston Photographics Studios and started Group Communications Advertising. In 1988, Kirk moved to Northern California and worked with firms in Silicon Valley and Sacramento specializing in computer graphics and marketing. In 2002, he moved back to his home town of Denver and opened the new studio and gallery.


Kirk's work was chosen for permanent display in the Museum and Art Gallery of Mineral Sciences at Pennsylvania State University, the Colorado School of Mines and the Colorado Convention Center Hyatt hotel. His work was also selected to be shown at the Gallery of Artists, a part of the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, the largest event of its kind in the world.


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